Clothesline – Episode 35 – News & Political Satire

Clothesline – Episode 35 – News & Political Satire

A wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. Rahul’s maths, Modi’s chemistry, the Election Express song and dance and more…


  1. that other madhu; goodness, she has no sense of direction – she is just running and running. how her family and colleagues bear her! she’s a headache!

  2. truly vintage episode of clothesline.. 

    best bit was karan thapar.. wonder how he will feel after watching this one.. 

    and that madhu vs madhu interview is the funniest thing interview i hv seen lately..noisy and pointless to the core.. 

  3. How can you miss Aravind Kejriwal threatening to jail reporters of selected news channel??  Why this double standards???? Newslaundry must me an AAPtard too.

  4. yep;
    surely connected!!

    yaar…madhu Aap tho ; kardi tu tu main main with other Madhu!!!

    and.. Arnab missed today!
    o bhi hotho..bada mazaa ajatha tha ji!!

  5. English reporters making fun of india on an american channel…bhagwan aur kya dekhna baaki hae?

  6. Clothesline standard was going down for last few episodes, but its back with a bang with this episode. 

  7. ROFL……SARTORIAL????..:D..I dunno why you guys are not taking donations anymore…. you could have made Great YouTube News production channel….

  8. A satire must be independent of any political inclination, but some how i personally convinced that Madhu tehran is biased, wants Narendra Modi to loose so badly. . And she can’t hide it. and knowing that he is the only one becoming the PM of India she is not able to hide the frustration.

  9. OHCRAP MOMENT . watch carefully the interview of ARGO with NAMO on Frankly Speaking , look at the english translation subtitles you will find that its translator is weak in translating numbers . they write 300 for 350 and 250 for 200 . 

  10. Madhu trehan could never regain after that million dollar bucks of NDTV deal thanks to Madhu Kishwar. She is I dont know, behaving like cockraoch upside down.

  11. i like your program and i want to know you discuss the result of AAP ……… may people deposit is forfeited by EC,,,,,,,,,,

  12. when the electronic media is loosing confidence among the people and journalism itself has surely lost its ethical value and betrayed the responsibility towards the society ,such a self regulating act by media is worth encouraging

    just hope that it doesnt loose its way with greater appreciation.

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