Clothesline – Episode 62 – News & Political Satire

Clothesline – Episode 62 – News & Political Satire

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  1. Dear Newslaundry, do u really think equalizing an obvious obstructionism with an obviously efficient Govt is good journalism?

  2. U r not extensivly covering all jurnos..Also its seems more of now making clothsline popular by hitting at jurnos then really criticizing news items…really wanna go back to old episodes they were biggr n bettr

  3. It would be great if you cover other provinces as well such as NE – Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Nagaland. These guys need to be in the mainstream.

  4. If Maharana means ‘great warrior’, Akbar also means ‘greatest’ in Arabic. So basically, we call him Greatest the great.

  5. Just a suggestion, it would be cool to caption some of the clips covered in the segments. The audio quality makes it hard to discern what is being said.

  6. What the heal … SNAPDEAL and amazon .in

  7. @Madhu& Abhinandan. You guys have obviously noticed other media houses like Ndtv and Headlines Today attack Arnab and “his brand” of journalism. But what you have not noticed is Arnab has retaliated too. On more than one occasion , in his debates he has said , “we are not like other media houses that were caught in the radia tapes” . Wonder which channel or channels he is referring to 🙂

  8. No mention on NDTV these days ..this position of news laundry makes the perception of NDTV-AAP-anti BJP- news laundry match even more acceptable. I would Luke to not believe this.

  9. Hey smart people….Maharana means great….what does Akbar mean? What does Allahu Akbar mean? This is an instance of trying to be over-smart but eventually look silly 😀 koi nahi…try karte rahiye

  10. Mam with due respect , I want to say that please take on others news and news anchors other than only ARNAB. Some time it feels like its again Arnab newshour.

  11. Bhai aap logon ne bhi product placement shuru kardiya… koi sense hi nahi tha woh snapdeal and amazon ka. Aap se better toh aib jaise hai jo chude mein bol rahe hai product placement karte hai. Sad really sad news laundry

  12. many of us don’t watch TV News anymore…for all the good reasons that NewsLaundry knows…!  how about having a line of videos which provide actual daily news to watch on this channel ?

  13. Hahaha lol! Sweet joyful laugh, our PM is anyway amazing so is the amazing the caption towards the end of the segment! Thumbs up Ravi Prakash n Newslaundy!!!

  14. I see that Newslaundry is officially a proxy of NDTV.
    Taking cheap, unfunny potshots at Arnab for over a year…..

  15. I need a clarification if there as some advertorial in this particular episode as there was clear mention of Snapdeal and Amazon on one particular section. 
    It seems as if newlaundry is also trying to find out some back channels to generate revenue using advertorials like the print media.

  16. Madhu Trehan is a cheergirl(I doubt if I can call her a girl)) of AAP and sekhri & company are her spot boys…..
    Aise hi paisa kamana tha to Amsterdam chali jaati…..

  17. Bangladesh won the toss and elected to field but aaj tak have different story.,.आखि‍री वनडे में बांग्लादेश ने टॉस जीता, पहले बल्लेबाजी चुनी..:)

  18. Hi Madhu ji, I am great fan of Clothesline. Waiting for new episode eagerly. You have got a hint of John Oliver from Last Week Tonight.

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