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Get The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’

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  1. Whether or not she has any further scandals re her e-mail is irrelevant . The Alt-Right will make stuff up as they are conspiracy nutters and that’s what they do.

  2. The Donald calling HRC a bigot is his version of saying: “I know you are, but what am I? He probably got the inspiration for that at the playground.

  3. We are witnessing a historic event. The last time this happened in this country was in the late 1850s. That’s when the Whig party went into civil war and dissolved giving birth to the GOP. Looks like history is repeating itself and we are witnessing the demise of the GOP. Hillary is reaching out to the Paul Ryans and John McCains isolating the Trumpsters and Cruz and far right right supporters. That will effectively split the party that is already split because this base will not go away as they used to disappear after elections in the past.

  4. I got pulled over for speeding today and when the police officer asked me why he pulled me over, I called him a racist and changed the story, he let me off with a warning, I’m voting for Hillary! 😉

  5. I was quite impressed with the production of this program, loved the interview done on the Hamilton musical, but leave this video with the unmistakable impression of experiencing utter bias on the political coverage on the part of each commentator posing as journalists. I will not take the time to watch this program again because of this. Here are plenty of better “commentators” who proudly acknowledge their roles as opposed to vaguely veil them to push their one sided views.

  6. It’s funny how she can say Trump is unqualified due to his attitudes and words, and yet Sanders questioning her qualifications due to her actions and the corrupting nature of such massive Wall St. and Big Energy donations was “just too far.”

    No self-respecting Democrat considers herself an admirer, nor should be admired, by Henry “Butcher of Latin America” Kissinger. He helped set up the murder of Salvador Allende, much as she did with Gaddafi — an action which Trump supported whole-heartedly, until it became politically advantageous for him to come out against it. Gaddafi was sodomized with a bayonet before being mercifully beheaded. Her response was, “We came. We saw. He died.”

    The Democratic Party lost its collective soul at the Orwellian Democratic National Convention when it chose to nominate someone who had to cheat in the primaries to “win.”

    There is one progressive and three conservatives on the presidential field now.

    Vote progressive. Vote #JillStein.

  7. Hillary has caused the death of thousands. However at this time note Hillary’s public farts and run for cover.

  8. Why does Hillary question the sparkle of Donalds eye when it’s Hillary who has a hacked email server in her own eye

  9. When I look at this woman the hair on my neck stands on end. This is an evil person that will wreak havoc on this nation and she will get NO respect from world leaders because they know that she can’t be trusted. Hollywood could not come up with a better fiction!

  10. These people make me want to vomit !!!!This is absolutely sickening!I find it hard to fathom that there are this many mentally ill people walking around in this country.

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