LMAO. This Has Got To Be The Worst Political Interview Ever.

LMAO. This Has Got To Be The Worst Political Interview Ever.

Maybe the greatest/worst political interview ever

Christopher Young is a Democrat running for mayor of Providence Rhode Island. He went on the local morning news show there for the first in their series of candidate interviews.

I don’t know what’s funnier – the candidate – or the reaction of the poor, beauty pageant anchor who had to conduct the interview.


  1. That poor helpless woman. She handled that situation with utmost courage and bravery. I commend her greatly.

  2. He definitely lost his election. I find no amusement in this. Waste of that poor woman’s time; minutes of her life she’ll never get back, and the same goes for me for watching this. Yes, I clicked on the video, but this…. grotesquerie was not what I expected. How utterly repugnant. He clearly cares more about his music than his potential constituents. He can’t even sing!! This is beyond infuriating.

  3. This reminds me of when my ex roommate would have anybody over. He would always sing these crappy ass songs to them.

  4. This is exactly the scene from the UK office. David Brent comes into some meeting and sings a song. He even wants to get his guitar, but doesn’t have it with him at that moment. After that scene Tim asks Dawn out while she’s actually in a realtionship.

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