When Do You Need A Criminal Lawyer

When Do You Need A Criminal Lawyer

When you hire a criminal lawyer in Sugar Land, he or she will assist you and represent you for two major categories of criminal offense. They are felonies and misdemeanors. There is no doubt that misdemeanors are less serious charges. This is most cases could result in imprisonment around a year along with a fine. On the other hand, felonies are considered to be serious and in case the accused is found guilty, the person could face many years in jail or even face the death penalty if the crime is very serious and diabolical in nature. Hence, the onus lies on the accused persons to ensure that they hire the right lawyers.

 How Do I Know When I Need A Lawyer?

It may not be possible to give the right answer to the above question because different types of crimes could have different repercussions and consequences. We are listing down a few of the most common types of crimes where the role of a professional, experienced and qualified criminal lawyer could make a world of difference. Let us get started with some crimes that fall under the category of misdemeanors. They are prostitution, petty theft, simple assault, public intoxication, trespassing, vandalism, conduct that is disorderly, reckless driving amongst other things.

Felony is more serious types of criminal offense and it covers rape, murder, kidnapping, arson, treason, burglary, battery or aggravated assault and various other forms of fraud including white collar crimes and much more. This is not the full list and therefore you would do better to get in touch with a suitable criminal lawyer in case a person has been unfortunately charged with a criminal offense.

 Can The Persons Handle Such Crimes On Their Own?

 There is no denying the fact that it would be practically impossible for you to handle criminal charges on your own. It would always be advisable to take the help and assistance of a professional  Richmond criminal defense lawyer because of a number of reasons. If you find yourself in a court and are charged either with a felony or misdemeanor the role of a criminal lawyer becomes extremely useful and important. He or she will attempt to prove that you are innocent, and they could also help in lowering the charge in case of a misdemeanor. This could result in a short sentence or you could spend your time in prison with better facilities. You also could escape with a fine and prevent yourself from spending time inside a prison. They also will help you in getting community services in lieu of prison sentence and other such facilities.

 How To Identify The Best

 In view of the facts mentioned above, it is quite obvious that there are obviously many good reasons as to why it makes sense to hire these professionals. But you must act fast and should not waste time in hiring the right professionals. Importance must be attached to experience, expertise, qualification, and other such things. You must try and ensure that you should personally visit the lawyer and try and discuss the way. If you are not able to do it alone, then you must ensure that your family members do it without any delay.

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The Roles And Responsibilities Of Lawn Care Service Provid

The Roles And Responsibilities Of Lawn Care Service Provid

There is no denying the fact that almost all individual homeowners would like to have a nice little garden and backyard with the best of lawn service the village Okc. The very sight of green plants and vegetations coupled with the soft and velvety grass on the ground could make a lot of difference. But taking care of the lawn is not an easy job and it certainly requires the services of professionals. Before hiring them, you should have a reasonably good idea about the reasons for hiring them. Without this being in place, you may not be able to make the best use of them. We are therefore happy to share some useful and pertinent information about the main roles and responsibilities of hiring these professionals. Before that, we also need to find out whether you need their services in the first place.

What Is The Size Of The Lawn

If the size of your lawn is small, it is quite possible that you may not need to hire the services of these professionals on a regular basis. You might need them twice or thrice a year for taking care of some routine upkeep and tending to grass growth and other such jobs. If the size of the lawn is big, it may not possible for the family members to take care of the same. It would, therefore, be advisable to avail the services of professionals for obvious reasons.

The Main Roles Of These Professionals

Now that we know when and when not to hire lawn care service providers, let us try and find out the main roles and responsibilities of these professionals. The first job is to make sure that the lawn is in good condition at all points of time. They take care of watering the plants, the grass to begin with. They also trim the growth of plants and trees and ensure that it remains within manageable limits.

The next important role is to ensure that the shrubs, unwanted growth, and other such elements are removed on a regular basis. This might call for careful use of weed removing agents. This is a highly skilled job and only those with experience and expertise would be able to do a good job of it.

Planting New Trees

Since these professionals are experts with years of experience they could come in handy whenever there is a need for planting new trees or giving a new look and appearance to the landscape. They can play a big role in beautifying the entire garden and backyard by making intelligent additions, deletions, and modifications to what is already available.

They also could come in very handy when it comes to offering the best of advice and counsel for those who are keen on ensuring the best of lawn conditions at all points of time. They are also capable of handling lawn sizes that are quite big and are sought after whenever there is a need to preserve the same particularly in corporate houses where there could be big open spaces. Therefore in fine, there is no doubt there are a number of functions that are performed by these professionals.

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Myths About Bone Marrow Transplantation

Myths About Bone Marrow Transplantation

Though bone marrow transplantation is very vital and important there are quite a few things negative and wrong about it. In other words, there are some myths surrounding bone marrow transplantation. This is because of misinformation and also because many of us are in the comfort zone based on such misconceptions and myths. Many in fact seem to be very happy to be guided by such misconceptions and make very wrong decisions because of their lack of information or wrong information. Hence we thought it fit to share some pertinent and useful information about the various myths about bone marrow transplantation which needs to be understood. This will help quite a bit in taking the right decision about bone marrow transplantation rather than being guided by wrong opinions and hearsays.

Donation Of Bone Marrow Could Negatively Impact The Donor

This is one of the most common myths surrounding bone marrow match transplantation. Though most of us would like to save a life which is in danger, we may not take this step if it hinders our health or life in any manner whatsoever. There are many stories doing the round that those who offer their bone marrow cells for transplanting could see their health taking a beating. This is totally false and misleading. In fact, in almost 100% of the cases, such donation is considered totally harmless. We should bear in mind that once the donation has been done, the bone marrow tissues and cells get replaced rapidly and it comes back to normal within a few weeks at the most.

Bone Marrow Transplantation Is Painful

If any processes, procedures or even surgeries cause pain to you, you would like to stay away from it. However, as far as bone marrow transplantation is concerned, the whole process is painless. There are simple and painless ways and means by which the stem cells from the bone marrow are extracted. It is basically an outpatient procedure and it fully nonsurgical in nature. The donors are put on a drug called Filgrastim which results in increased production of stem cells. The drug is given before the actual extraction or donation takes place. The drug is usually given five days before the actual extraction. The drug is injected painlessly into the donor. Then the actual extraction happens which again is quite safe, simply and completely painless. Both the donor and the receiver are allowed to get back home within a few hours unless there are some serious complications. These are few and far between and extremely rare.

It Is Extracted From The Spine

Many people worry that the extraction takes place from the spine. This is not at all true because it is not extracted from the spine. The likely area is the pelvis and this is done with the help of a syringe. Since the pelvis is not the spine you need not worry about it at all. The doctors and service providers take all care and caution to ensure that the process is completely safe and secure.

Hence it would be better to take an informed decision as a donor and a receiver and you should try not to fall prey to the various myths which are doing rounds across the internet and other sources of information.


Compensation for Personal Injuries

Compensation for Personal Injuries

Personal injury compensation is mainly associated with the crime of negligence. For claiming the compensation for the personal injuries, your attorney needs to prove that you have got the injuries as the result of the negligence of another party.

When You Can Claim for Personal Injury Compensation

Sugar Land Personal injury compensation covers a wide area. You can claim compensation for any personal injury got in personal and public transportation, any injury at the workplace, and personal injury that is caused by any person or company. For all the above personal injuries, your Sugar Land attorney can claim compensation.  But there is a time restriction for filing a compensation lawsuit for personal injuries.  You will have to file the case within two years.  You can get compensation for the following personal injuries:

  •    Injuries by a vehicle accident
  •    Aviation Claims
  •    Claim for severe injuries
  •    Compensation for Enduring disability
  •    Public Liability Claims
  •    Compensation for personal injuries in workplaces

For all the personal injuries, you can get compensation.  But there are certain requirements to file a compensation case against any individual and company.  Those requirements are given below.

  •    Any eye-witness of the accident
  •    Details of the eye-witness
  •    Medical reports
  •    Photos of the accident object
  •    Invoices of medical expenses
  •    Leave details of the victim
  •    Any relevant record that proves that the victim lost the earning as the result of the accident

With all the above details, your attorney can successfully file a compensation lawsuit against any individual and organization.

Slips and Falls Personal Injury

You can also claim compensation for the injuries incurred from the slip and fall accident.  This accident can occur on a wet floor, defective stairs, or a rough patch of the ground. Though you cannot claim for all the injuries, valid claims can be compensated. To prove your compensation, your slips and falls personal injury lawyer needs to justify that the owner of the place is responsible for the accident and injuries.

What Will Determine the Liability?

To be accountable for the injuries you suffered from the slipping and falling on anyone’s property, you need to prove one of the following grounds.

  •    The owner of the property is responsible for the slippery or dangerous surface.
  •    The owner is aware of the severity of the situation and still doing nothing to improve the condition.
  •    The owner should have known about the dangerous surface and should have repaired it.

Once you lawyer proves that the accident has occurred as the result of the negligence of the property owner then you can get the compensation for the injuries.  Judges and injuries will determine the amount of your compensation. If you have failed to prove the negligence of the property owner, then you cannot claim any compensation. It will be proved that the accident has occurred as the result of your negligence and the owner is not accountable for any kind of compensation.

You can claim compensation for any personal injuries, occurred by the negligence by any individual and organization. To keep your point and to prove your case, you need to hire an experienced attorney who will be able to handle your case efficiently and successfully.



Investigating Hillary Clinton

Investigating Hillary Clinton

Investigating The Clinton Email Scandal

From Fox News: Read The Article Here

hillary investigated ” The State Department has opened a formal inquiry into whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her aides mishandled classified information while she was the nation’s top diplomat, Fox News has learned. Despite being under investigation, Clinton and her staffers still have security clearances to access sensitive government information.

The department’s investigation aims to determine whether Clinton and her closest aides violated government protocols by using her private server to receive, hold and transmit classified and top-secret government documents. The department declined to say when its inquiry began, but it follows the conclusion of the FBI’s probe into the matter, which did not result in any actions being taken against Clinton or any of her aides. Depending on the outcome of the current State Department inquiry, Clinton and her aides could have their access to sensitive government documents terminated.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, confirmed to Fox News the department’s formal inquiry.

Meanwhile, Grassley’s committee launched its own inquiry into Clinton’s handling of emails, an inquiry that began in March. Grassley cited among his concerns the July 5 statement of former FBI Director James Comey that the agency found Clinton and her staff members were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.” Grassley also contended there is “evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information…”

During the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s use of top-secret and classified information on her private server, deleting emailsComey said there were seven email chains on Clinton’s computer that were classified at the “Top Secret/Special Access Program level.” Another 2,000 emails on her private server were found to have contained information deemed classified now, though not marked classified when sent. In addition, the server also contained 22 top-secret emails deemed too damaging to national security to be released.

Clinton’s spokesperson, Nick Merrill, told Fox News that the investigation into Clinton’s mishandling of classified information is done.

“Nothing’s been more thoroughly dissected. It’s over. Case closed. Literally,” said Merrill.
That’s not a universally held view.

Chris Farrell, of Judicial Watch, a conservative Washington-based government watchdog that has filed a number of lawsuits related to the Clinton email scandal, said he believes Clinton and her “circle of national security criminals” should not have access to any classified information for any reason.  

“Their conduct has cost them that privileged position of special trust and confidence,” Farrell said.
Any other government employee would have been prosecuted under 18 USC Sec. 793(f) (“Mishandling National Defense Information”) and be subject to a long prison sentence and large fines, Farrell added.

“This flagrant double standard for the gang that exposed Top Secret Codeword material to the Russians, Chinese and others is both offensive and deeply corrosive to the intelligence community,” Farrell said. “There is no better evidence that when it comes to Hillary Clinton and her côtèrie — laws are for the little people.”

What Happened With The Electronics?

hillary shreds hard drivesSo the story above was released by Fox news, and it troubles us to think that Hillary clinton could have been so flagrant with her criminal activity. Using a private email server to send classified documents is absolutely insane. Like the article mentions, a normal citizen would have been prosecuted, but Hilary and her political privilege got her out of a legal dilemma that would have incarcerated her. Not only did she delete her emails from the server, but there appears to be evidence that she shredded her hard drives before investigators could recover the data from them. By shredding the drives, she was able to protect herself from further investigation because the FBI would be unable to recover the data from the drives. If this was in fact the case and Hillary did destroy evidence from her server by destroying the hard drives, then this should be a criminal prosecution. Unfortunately, she will never spend a day behind bars like she so deserves. Who knows what happened to the emails, who knows what happened to the hard drives, who knows what happened to the other servers, laptops, and computers that she used during her time in office. It’s possible she recycled all of her electronics, right into an industrial grinder and destroyed it all. We will never know, why you ask? Because we are the little people.



Ananya Vinay wins the 2017 U.S. Scripps National Spelling Bee

Ananya Vinay wins the 2017 U.S. Scripps National Spelling Bee

June 2, 2017

By Lacey Johnson

OXON HILL, Md. (Reuters) – Ananya Vinay of Fresno, California won the Scripps National Spelling Bee on Thursday, taking home a $40,000 cash prize after 12 hours of picking her way along a precarious lifeline of consonants and vowels.

Vinay, 12, correctly spelled the word marocain, a dress fabric made of warp of silk or rayon and a filling of other yarns, to win the spelling bee held at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in suburban Washington.

She said she felt “amazing” after defeating Rohan Rajeev, 14, of Edmond Oklahoma during the stirring 25-word championship round.

“It was just fun to see how far it would go,” Vinay said.

The two determined spellers went back and forth for about 45 minutes, peeling off word after word in tense competition of spelling prowess.

Cheirotompholyx, durchkomponiert and tchefuncte were among the words the two spelled correctly during the round. In the end, Rajeev misspelled the word marram before Vinay spelled two words correctly to win the bee.

Vinay plans to split the money with her 7-year-old brother and put it in to her college account.

“She had a deep passion for reading. The biggest thing that she wants to do is sit and read,” her father Vinay Sreekumar said.

Competitors age 6 to 15 emerged from early spelling bees involving more than 11 million youths from all 50 U.S. states, U.S. territories from Puerto Rico to Guam, and several countries, from Jamaica to Japan.

In earlier rounds, some spellers tripped over words including Corriedale, toreutics, cleidoic and panettone, weeding down the field headed for the finish of the 90th national Bee.

Others hung on by correctly spelling catafalque, outarde and chryselephantine.

“What?!” exclaimed Maggie Sheridan, 13, from Mansfield, Ohio, throwing her hands up in disbelief when she learned she correctly spelled whirlicote, a type of luxurious carriage, with one second to spare.

Marlene Schaff, 14, was ousted by misspelling cleidoic, which means to be enclosed in a relatively impervious shell, like an egg.

“I’m disappointed because I was debating between two spellings,” said Schaff of Lake Forest, Illinois.

The youngest-ever competitor, Edith Fuller of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who turned 6 on April 22, was eliminated from the competition late on Wednesday.

New rules this year are aimed at preventing tie endings like last year’s, when two joint winners both got $40,000 cash prizes.

(Additional reporting by Brendan O’Brien in Milwaukee, Barbara Goldberg in New York and Ian Simpson in Washington; Editing by Lisa Shumaker, Peter Cooney and Michael Perry)

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to revive travel ban

Trump administration asks Supreme Court to revive travel ban

June 2, 2017

By Lawrence Hurley

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump’s administration on Thursday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to revive his plan to temporarily ban travelers from six Muslim-majority nations after it was blocked by lower courts that found it was discriminatory.

In deciding whether to allow the ban to go into effect, the nine justices are set to weigh whether Trump’s harsh election campaign rhetoric can be used as evidence that the order was intended to discriminate against Muslims.

The administration filed emergency applications with the nine high court justices seeking to block two different lower court rulings that went against Trump’s March 6 order barring entry for people from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen for 90 days while the U.S. government implements stricter visa screening.

The move comes after the Richmond, Virginia-based 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on May 25 upheld a Maryland judge’s ruling blocking the order.

The administration also filed a separate appeal in that case.

“We have asked the Supreme Court to hear this important case and are confident that President Trump’s executive order is well within his lawful authority to keep the nation safe and protect our communities from terrorism,” Justice Department spokeswoman Sarah Isgur Flores said in a statement.

The American Civil Liberties Union, one of the legal groups challenging the ban, tweeted in response: “We’ve beat this hateful ban and are ready to do it again.”

At least five votes are needed on the nine-justice court in order to grant a stay. The court has a 5-4 conservative majority, with Justice Anthony Kennedy – a conservative who sometimes sides with the court’s four liberals – the frequent swing vote. Another of the court’s conservatives, Neil Gorsuch, was appointed by Trump this year.

If the government’s emergency requests are granted, the ban would go into effect immediately.

The court first has to act on whether to grant the emergency applications, which could happen within a fortnight. Then, the justices will decide whether to hear the government’s full appeal. The Supreme Court is not required to hear the case but is likely to due to its importance and the fact that the request is being made by the U.S. government.

The Justice Department has asked the court to expedite the case so that the justices could hear it at the beginning of their next term, which starts in October. That means, if the court allows the ban to go into effect, the final decision would be issued long after the 90 days has elapsed.

In the court filings, Acting Solicitor General Jeff Wall highlighted the unprecedented nature of courts second-guessing the president on national security and immigration.

“This order has been the subject of passionate political debate. But whatever one’s views, the precedent set by this case for the judiciary’s proper role in reviewing the president’s national-security and immigration authority will transcend this debate, this Order, and this constitutional moment,” he wrote.

In its 10-3 ruling, the appeals court in Virginia said the challengers, including refugee groups and others represented by the American Civil Liberties Union, were likely to succeed on their claim that the order violated the U.S. Constitution’s bar against favoring or disfavoring a particular religion.

The government had argued that the court should not take into account Trump’s comments during the 2016 U.S. presidential race since he made them before he took office on Jan. 20. But the appeals court rejected that view, saying they shed light on the motivations behind Trump’s order.

During the campaign, Trump campaign called for a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

His administration has argued that the travel ban is needed to prevent terrorism in the United States.

Federal courts in both Maryland and Hawaii issued rulings suspending key parts of the ban. The appeals court in Virginia upheld the Maryland ruling. A San Francisco-based appeals court is currently considering the Hawaii case.

The administration is asking the Supreme Court to throw out the injunction imposed in both cases.

The March ban was Trump’s second effort to implement travel restrictions on people from several Muslim-majority countries through an executive order. The first, issued on Jan. 27, led to chaos and protests at airports and in major U.S. cities before it was blocked by courts.

The second order was intended to overcome the legal issues posed by the original ban, but it was blocked by judges before it could go into effect on March 16.

(Reporting by Lawrence Hurley; Editing by Sue Horton, Christian Schmollinger, Shr Navaratnam and Michael Perry)

Actress Julianne Moore urges Americans to mark gun violence awareness day

Actress Julianne Moore urges Americans to mark gun violence awareness day

June 2, 2017

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Actress Julianne Moore is urging Americans to wear orange on Friday to mark National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Moore got involved in campaigning for an end to gun violence after the 2012 shootings of 20 children at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook elementary school, and she is now chair of the Everytown Creative Council.

“When our federal government failed to act I was really shocked and that’s when I realized that I was not being a responsible parent or a citizen by not becoming involved in an issue I cared deeply about,” Moore said on Thursday.

New York’s Empire State Building will be lit up in orange on Friday to mark gun violence awareness.

(Reporting by Reuters Television; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

President Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement

REUTERS/Carlos Barria

June 1, 2017

OAN Newsroom

President Trump promises to negotiate a better deal after pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord.

He made the announcement from the White House Thursday.

The President said the agreement allows other countries to gain financial advantage over the United States, so pulling out will help the U.S. compete on a global level.

He said starting now all implementation of the non-binding accord will stop, which will in turn bring money and jobs back to the U.S..

The President worked with EPA Director Scott Pruitt to come to the decision.

President Trump has long said the Obama-era deal adds more regulations that hurt american businesses.


Pilots after Pence plane incident thought careers over: transcript

Pilots after Pence plane incident thought careers over: transcript

June 1, 2017

By David Shepardson

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The pilot and first officer of the plane carrying U.S. Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence that skidded off a runway in October 2016 thought the incident would end their careers, according to documents released on Thursday.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board published transcripts of the cockpit voice recorders from the incident in which the Boeing 737-700 operated by Eastern Air Lines Group ran off the runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

There were 37 passengers on the plane, including Pence, his wife, Karen, daughter Charlotte and 11 crew. The plane was coming from Fort Dodge, Iowa, where Pence, who was elected vice president in November’s election, had participated in a campaign event.

The plane was stopped by a crushable type of concrete runway, stopping the aircraft’s movement. No one was injured.

“My career just ended,” one of the pilots said. The other responded: “Mine too.”

One added after landing: “Unfortunately I should have gone straight ahead and we would have been fine, when I made the turn is when I screwed up.” The other pilot responded: “I was fighting you because I was trying to stay on the centerline.”

The pilot said in a statement that the first officer made a maneuver he was not expecting “and I instinctively applied maximum manual braking.”

Eastern Air Lines did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

The transcript showed a Secret Service agent entered the cockpit and praised the pilots: “Nice job… you stopped it at least.”

In November, the NTSB reported the plane “floated” above the runway without touching down and landed about 3,000 feet (915 meters) beyond the runway threshold – far more than normal.

The Eastern flight crew did not report any mechanical problems and the flight crews of the four airplanes that landed immediately beforehand did not report any problems with braking on the runway.

Eastern Air Lines is based in Florida and privately held.

(Reporting by David Shepardson; Editing by Peter Cooney)