Politics Behind Malaysian Prime Minister And Rajini Meeting | Latest Political News

Politics Behind Malaysian Prime Minister And Rajini Meeting | Latest Political News

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak visited Rajinikanth’s in his house. Is there any political reason behind this meeting. Malaysian PM has visited Rajinikanth in order to obtain support from Malaysian Tamils.

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  1. When Kabali meets komali…
    Rajini ya poi paartha naanga ivannukku vote panniruvoma. Adutha election layum Najib thaan fraud panni jeyippaan, that’s a given. But someday, he will have to answer for his crimes.

  2. aama. true. jibby semme nadipu. superstar avunge appa ve vanthu sonalum naange jibby layan panne maatom.????

  3. some scenes in kabali was cut while screening in malaysia….dont act actually dont even try
    hes one of worst pm we had….

  4. we just hate to see rajini with tis corrupted shameless pm of our country…hes just acting

  5. Being a Malaysian, this is very humiliating that abroad media’s are indeed showing Najib’s true colour. Tamilians here hate him so much but unfortunately that guy rules every mainstream sectors in Malaysia. He also plays with the elections. Anyone who exposes his identity will be …. (better to remain it as silent). Najib is a contrast to Rajini sir. We are eagerly waiting for a better Prime Minister like India’s Narendra Modi, Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong, Canada’s Justin Trudeau, or Former Malaysian PM, Mahathir Mohammad.

  6. Being a Malaysian Indian I don’t deny the fact that of his wrongdoings but you people don’t know the fact that the only prime minister who genuinely help the indian community to setup development programme thru gov’t agency’s. The worst prime we indian face was mahathir who completely deny

  7. Don’t think malaysia indians are fools..we Malaysia indians against this najib..and don’t vote bn…so many currpotion in Malaysia after najib becomes prrime minister

  8. Ethnic Indian in Malaysia are suffering from racial discrimination from its government directly in terms of education & socioeconomic policies. PM Najib visited Rajni sir to garner votes in the coming general election knowingly to gain momentum via news headlines in Malaysia. KABALI movie was forced to change storyline by Malaysian government to avoid showing to the world how Malaysian Indians mainly tamilans are being badly treated.

  9. ayoii malaysia le indian ku onume ille la…govt job ille naalle mariyatai ille..petrol velai yeruthu…gst verre…but sambalam matum yerule nange rombeve kaste paduro…we need a good pm like obama

  10. Racial discrimination indian in Malaysia is real, 50 branches of UITM university only accept Malay muslim and 5% overseas muslim only can be found in Malaysia. Instead get rud of the diacriminal indianface in everyday life , najib show wayang kulit( puppet show) meeting Rajinikant dan Pm Moddi some ignorant Indian still believe him.While India visa increased from 200 to 500 during najib visit to India.

  11. for indiaglitz channel just upload the fact to the people OK I’m Malaysia girl and I know about our prime minister if got any mistake of him and we HV rise to talk about him

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