Social Media & Twitter Abuse In Politics – BBC News

Social Media & Twitter Abuse In Politics – BBC News

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The advent of social media has meant that almost anyone can vent their anger whenever they like on the web about anyone or anything. In a Daily Politics film, Giles Dilnot talked to journalists David Aaronovitch and Kelvin MacKenzie about the bile that spills out over Twitter and Facebook, and the hurt it can cause others.

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  1. Their opinions don’t really matter if they’re not popular – which they aren’t in most cases – and so will probably not be taken seriously..

  2. Those damned old white right wing men should all go and check their privilege and stop oppressing politicians with their dissenting opinions!!

  3. as more awaken the truth gets in the way of the corruption, lies, deceit, murder and war these criminals in power have created…these creatures offer nothing to life but death, destruciton, misery, pain, spreading man made diseases, exploitation, greed, lust and perversness just off the top of my head…this criminal cabal will self destruct for they know no other way a very demented dark essence of a brutal and vile nature…these failures have created a planet with a severe hatred for ALL life…a sickness that will end…

  4. The BBC really is disgusting sometimes, “their older, their right-wing” “they have a sense that somehow, everything is getting away from them” “potency slipping away”.

    I’m sorry, but slurs like this, attacking people for making honest opinions on the internet is really stingy. We have the right to tell people what we think of them, and we also have the right to share extreme views.

    This “Liberal” mentality that extreme or even moderate opinions are to be dismissed is really self-destructive, I’m ashamed of the BBC, I service I pay for, to show its loathing for ordinary people like this.

  5. my own opinion my facebook is my personal property as well as  my group list  friends thats their own  .. who ever we like , share and exchanging ideas , any celebrities or politcians we approved  ( like) are only up to us ,.because they do their best ….  the fact , reality and history  let it be !

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