The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’ (09/01/16)

The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’ (09/01/16)

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  1. The end game for Trump is not to be the President of the USA. The end game is Trump TV which will be a version of Fox. Roger Ailes, Steve Bannon are media guys, Trump wants to be on TV and the alt right will lap it up. The far right are morons for not knowing they’re being played. Steve Mnuchin will the be the TV commercial manager or other such role.

  2. Did anyone ever stop to think that Trump does not expect (or even care) if he wins the election? Maybe he has a different motive. In any event, That would explain (at least to me) most of his bizarre antics.

  3. I can’t get my head around the fact that 40% (ish) of Americans actually believe Trump is a good choice for president. What the hell is going on in this country?

  4. These fucking lib-tard white guilt morons make me sick. Move to some 3rd world shithole if you think white people are so grim and depressing.

  5. If we do not elect Trump, we will totally over run by Mexican illegals, and Muslims. I know these people. I have worked with the illegals and met the Muslims thru my daughter at SMU. Trump is right. I voted for Obama twice, but now I see what she has done and she is a crook. Biden can whine about his poor parents but Franklin Delano Roosevelt was incredibly wealthy and yet he did more to help the poor than any other President.

  6. MSNBC, FOX, CNN, Bloomberg, and all the rest of these pundits have no clue….If he doesn’t elected, this will be out LAST free election….Can you spell S L A V E R Y???? Maybe you best think long and hard about it!!!!

  7. trump is my god he has all the.answers the world is our slaves nobody has a right to canadas fresh water rivers. its ours. we will nuke iran and round up 11 million people and secretly kill most of them might as well use our fema camps. whe genocided a whole race for this lands richness and resources, we earned it. we will start a trade war with china, trumps a great negotiator. hillary is the only female illuminati. vote trump 2016!

  8. The elite class of political corruption from both parties is the reason for Trump. Many Americans believe that taking a chance with Trump is worth the risk Go Trump…

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