The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’ (11/15/16)

The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’ (11/15/16)

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  1. I am sorry to add to this fire, but this guy who is going to be president of the free world is building a cabinets filled will skeletons in their cabinets.

  2. you can tell there are juveniles watching …i like this show because these 2 guys defend each side beautifully. Neither one gives…if you disagree with one of them, fine…you think they are whiney bitches…makes me think you are a whiney bitch

  3. John Heilemann was especially confident and arrogant for his canidate Hillary Clinton. Now he is especially butthurt about life in general.

  4. The Princeton Professional is a race baitor and liar and nobody believes lies. I guess he is okay with Al Sharpton, Black Lives Matter, The Black Panthers. BLOOMBERG is totally anti-Trump, but since he won they realise they have to kiss his ass.

  5. The mainstream media has lied and tried to destroy Trump’s character. The Mainstream media owes Trump a big time apology. Hillary Clinton was favoured in a baised matter throughout the campaign. His sons being on a transition team does not give Trump’s business an advantage because any policy would apply to any business. Trump is in real estate business, which is not really a business sector to get favorable treatment. The bald guy is a total anti-Trump asshole and a libturd.

  6. Why is John Heilemann so loud all the time? Urgh, he needs to drop his voice 2 notches down. It’s almost like he is screaming all the time. So annoying.

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