The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’

The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’

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  1. when the Ryan tax plan screws over trump voters and the rest of us that saw it coming you can thank trump for being a lying cunt, the FBI, Rudy G for being a rat, Hillary (not for emails and all that BUULshit, but for stealing it from Bernie) and the American public that have been fucked and stupidly bought trump’s con story and the racist assholes in the country that glommed onto trump

  2. the donald is a snake oil salesman – of course he’s going to be charming – that’s how he dupes everyone. never trust him! he will wreck the US

  3. Everybody is a racist except the Democratic Party according the liberal media. Lynch and Holder are the real race baitors. BLOOMBERG is a propaganda tool of the Democratic Party and so is the those fake civil rights who are for the Democratic Party.

  4. Dear Americans you exactly how such a President Trump and need. Only with such a president, you will be able to continue as the American nation!

  5. Eric Holder and Lynch did not progress this country at all. In fact, Obama has set us back. They both back Black Lives Matter and are anti-police. They are both for discrimination against whites. The DNC guy is a race baiting scum bag.

  6. Eric Holder proved on Bill Mahar how anti-white and anti-republican he was . He should of never been nominated Attorney General. What a disgrace for the Democratic Party and Obama.

  7. Fuck those Disenfranchised White Working Class Voters! Trump will do Fuck all for them and they will stay with him. Because the basis of support is racism and xenophobia not economic dislocation. Other wise, Black and Hispanic poor would vote Trump too. They didn’t!

  8. Halperin what the fuck is there to explain? These are racists! What the fuck is there to explain??

  9. Democrats are in boldface denial that they are going to be loosing for the next 8 years. Get used to the moaning, victim playing and and butthurt screaming. Republicans haven’t even repealed all of Obama’s illegal executive orders yet. It’s just getting started and the sanctimonious fake outraged is as lame as it is old and tired.

  10. That Sarah woman around the 46min mark needs to shut the hell up. Nothing she says has any value. Just argues and belittles.

  11. With all the cash at Bloomberg, surely these videos can be uploaded without the cutaways for Add?

  12. We all shall soon see what we have in our President- Elect and his new cabinet. Using verbiage like racism will only continue to separate us. I don’t believe in the usage of the “n” word by anyone, period. Anyone that still using that word is just lost. We all have a lot of work to do. As far as the Black Lives Matter, it is a movement because the community wanted to be heard. I’m not sure if anyone noticed but people and purposely I’m leaving out race were being killed. Let’s change the perspective. WE all can afford to be a little bit kinder and respectful of our fellow man. God Bless all who post and comment.

  13. Mitt is craving for power. He heavily criticized Trump before election. Right after Trump won, Romney came back to flat him.

  14. Trump is one of those people who make a good First Impression, but he can’t hold it. It doesn’t take long for the real persons to come shining thru.

  15. “…Christie and Gingrich definitely not getting a job, and maybe not Newt.” Did I mishear that, or was there supposed to be a third name instead of Gingrich twice?

  16. if everything is racist than nothing is. it’s racist because someone says boy?!? were sick of the crying and whining that everything is racist! it has no meaning, call me racist I don’t care, that’s what you do when you have nothing else, your out of bullets! now blacks are the ones being racist, their the ones beating up people because of their skin color!

  17. I like this show because both the hosts aren’t assholes who won’t STFU and let someone else talk.They’re actually mannered and polite. Rare in media.

  18. Except they should shut people up like that bitch who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. What is she?

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