Clothesline – Episode 29 – News & Political Satire

Clothesline – Episode 29 – News & Political Satire

A wrap of the good, the bad and the funny from the world of news. The real Arnab Goswami — Rahul Gandhi interview, bullying on the Newshour, Vishnu Som’s quick response strategy and more… To watch this and many more videos, click on


  1. Good one. Especially I liked the creative Rahul part. But of course the competition from other contemporary satires is enormous. Best of luck.

  2. NEWS channels are peddling a parallel reality for people… sadly nothing new in that…

    BTW, as always when you say “YOU are the change”, why’s it followed up with “For better or for worse”… we’re definitely better than ‘Indian Media’ when it comes to honesty & neutrality…

  3. at 5.40 what kind of question is times now asking.  ” should rahul gandhi have been more agressive while talking about modi” ??? .. what a bunch of morons media has. 

  4. Been Waiting to hear NL’s Take on RG interview since it aired!!…Not Disappointed!! BTW…What happened to u r Hand Mam…??

  5. I have been watching your show for a while now …. and its really good …. do you guys send the links to these shows to the news anchors which you “hang” on the clothesline ?? they should be made aware of their stupidity … that would serve the purpose of this show … otherwise its just a satire for fun ..

  6. i am loving this closeline have watched  just 2 episodes and now i am glued to it and definately will watch all the episodes and mahdujii u r awsome  thumsup..

  7. Please do program rahul kanwal he is making fun of AAP politicians B******d 
    Proper congress agent please do watch the Program of 20:00 of feb 2014

  8. Hey Madhu , Abhinandan & Team , Could you please get your programs posted on FB regularly too .You bring more sanity to Indian News with your satire like Jon Stewart here in US .Great job you guys .

  9. The airport was there “How else did Quattrochi leave the country” such a slap on lame congress’s lame claims

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