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Get The Latest Political News On ‘With All Due Respect’

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  1. Donnie Douche Bag and Mr. Magoo. Nobody cares what these 2 dullards think anyway. Trump POTUS 2016. Get ready

  2. The Donald is no longer funny. He needs a clinical psychologist and to suspend his campaign. Let Ryan and Pence run!

  3. I’m a Democrat but I am beginning to feel sorry for Trump’s surrogates and advisors. They have to try defend this crazy man and spin his madness.

  4. Maybe Donald got an interest rate cut on his loans from the Russian mobsters for saying nice things about Putin. They played his fawning posture 24/7 on RT. Good business decision, poor taste, and of questionable ethics if one knew the definition of ethics but normal in an Ayn Randian/Cheney/Paul Ryan way.

  5. I really got my laughs for the day! This Betsy saying that Hillary “ambushed” our poor Donald! Played “dirty tricks on him!” That woman looks and sounds like an idiot! This guy, our poor Donnie, has bilked millions of $ out of the little people, playing really awful “dirty” tricks on them and being very proud of it, even reveling in how he’s screwed these people. I love to see some payback, although NOTHING can ever pay back the horrible harm he’s done to these people. If he wins the Prez, that will fulfill the dream he’s had: screw/con the whole American population at one fell swoop!

  6. Why should we support democracy? More specifically, why should we support democracy in governing the state? The state, remember, is a unique association whose government possesses an extraordinary capacity for obtaining compliance with its rules by ( among other means) force, coercion, and violence. Are there no better ways of governing a state? Would a nondemocratic system of government be better?

  7. I guess we’ve entered the phase of the campaign where it’s time pull out all stops to support the Democratic candidate. Is it because they’re desperate?….

  8. Did he really misspell judgement? Because my spell checker isn’t going red for either judgment or judgement. But hey these clowns are long past pretending to be objective journalists, so yeah, Donald can’t spell!

  9. Host – can you explain why Donald Trump has made this error
    Surrogate – Hillary clinton blah blah blah
    host – okay, youre going to have to take that up with the Clinton campaign. Youre here to represent Trump correct?
    surrogate – yes.
    host – okay, how do you feel about this action by donald trump
    surrogate – I feel that Hillary Clinton blah blah blah

    This happens on every show regardless of the surrogate. shameful.

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