Ivanka Trump FULL INTERVIEW | CBS This Morning | April 5, 2017

Ivanka Trump FULL INTERVIEW | CBS This Morning | April 5, 2017

In her first interview after becoming assistant to the president, Ivanka Trump sits down with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King to talk about her role in the White House. Watch the interview Wednesday, April 5, 2017 on “CBS This Morning.”

In her first interview since becoming assistant to the president, Ivanka Trump tells Gayle King about how she’s managing the potential conflict of interest with Trump International Hotel.


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  1. Ms. Gayle suggests that Ivanka is where she is due to being her father’s daughter… That is true, however, she forgot that if she hadn’t been helped by her friend, she would have never gotten the position where she works. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house Ms. Gayle.

  2. I admire President Trump. He and his wife and children are extremely intelligent, classy, well intentioned, loyal, devoted to him and he to them. This speaks volumes about his character as an extraordinary person and family man. He will continue to do right by this country and as President deserves every American’s respect and support as he rids the government of the cancerous corruption that has spiraled this country downward to where it’s hit bottom long ago. God bless President Donald Trump and God bless America.

  3. Ivanka knows her father’s safety, as we know FBI chief himself, can not be trusted, so much swamp creatures in Washington D.C, agree ? I would be in the same shoe as Ivanka, if my father started clearing swamp area, simple as that. She has to observe from distance looking at people, its all in the blood. agree ?, First Lady will feel the same, but she has to raise 10 year old son. So Ivanka sacrifices and decisions are absolutely perfect.

  4. funny that the alt left is complaining about experience, Ivanka,Jared, Whitehouse, now. Im guessing that the community organizer with no military experience ex whitehouse SQUATTER, had the most experienced administration huh? Well we see what all that EXPERIENCE has done for the Middle East, the World, and wost of all America. America doesn’t need that kind of EXPERIENCE!!!

  5. Her genius is scamming business interests of America just like dad, all her merchandise made in China….the biggest con ever now in power, and half of our country respects and admires that as “Intellegent”!!??

  6. It does not matter who she entrusts her businesses to. Those who oppose the Trumps will always be questioning their motives or their actions. The best judge would always be the results of their actions/decisions. As for growing more wealth. They don’t need the White House for that. The whole Trump family is actually sacrificing a lot more than benefitting from this presidency. They’re better off as private citizens. That’s why I say that Trump really wants to serve this country more than anything else. These are smart people, and it would be very stupid of them to go through what they are going through right now, and think that they could use the WH to expand their businesses. That would be dumb. They want to see this country do great things again. Something that for patriots, like Trump, is far more valuable than getting more money.

  7. She is so smart, beautiful and classy woman, hopefully all American girls and women look at her as a role model.
    Haters gonna hate all the time!!

  8. Who are the people who advise her …..how can she be so ignorant or stupid, or rather how can we have such an ignorant or stupid person be such an influence in the White House!

  9. Ivanka and Kushner need to but tout of the presidency. Trump’s doing nothing but following the globalist agenda now, partly thanks to these two, and now everybody loves him. Oh brother.

  10. Jared and Ivanka are both registered Democrats, yet they are the closest advisors to a Republican President??? There are so many skyscrapers in N.Y. city, so why did Jared have to pick one with the address of 666 5th St. and then put 666 in giant gleaming letters on the building? Ivanka was close friends with Chelsea Clinton who is seen on YT wearing an upside down cross – a symbol of Satanists.
     Ivanka apparently doesn’t feel that being a multi millionaire is enough. She wants more and more, like from pom poms on hats made in China from rabbits that are caged and killed in such horrific ways I don’t even want to describe them. And she has gotten, and ignored, petitions about that. The money counts and the cruelty is irrelevant to her, evidently.
     I find it very creepy and concerning how the Kushners are always hanging around Trump, even to the point of Ivanka sitting in the Presidential chair in the White House! We didn’t hire them! Yet our tax dollars are paying, no doubt, for any offices and staff in the White House, etc. for them.
    Also, it seems to me that Ivanka is happy to continually butt into the places that should be reserved for Melania. To me anyway, the Kushners have stony, closed off, looking faces. When Ivanka smiles it’s like “Okay, this is an appropriate place for a smile, so I”ll pull my lips apart and up, now.” Many dynasties have been overthrown by relatives, throughout history, so no way I assume the Kusners are loyal to Trump.
     Is Trump so naïve that he doesn’t know what 666 signifies? Is he such a proud Papa that he is fine with having registered Democrats being his advisors? What is going on? Please pray for the Kushners to butt out, or be removed, and for some Christian advisors to take their places. Please pray for Trump to put his trust in the Lord, not in dubious, highly concerning, family members.
    On the bright side, how nice of Jared to have that building with the 666 on it so that, right away, we know we need to be watching him, and Ivanka, very carefully.

  11. So proud of you..well said, Ivanka. So great that you never let her back you into a corner. love you, Ivanka.

  12. I don’t like the sound of her voice even if she is pretty I couldn’t spend 10 min. listening to that fake whisper voice.

  13. Time Will Prove her, and one way or another. I for one will wait and see, before I pass judgement on Ivanka. For now I will say that if it were My Father as President in the White House, and I were asked, I would have done the same. Kind of like protecting him. Whether I wanted to or Not. I’ve often heard that being a President of the U.S. is a very lonely Time, and Place to be. Afterall, who can Any President Really Trust? Every First family had just that– a Family. A family to support and stand their husband/father! And because Every family’s Dynamics are so Different from the next, it doesn’t give Ivanka any ‘less’ right to be there, whether she was Grammar School, H.S., or in This family’s Dynamics, Ivanka’s age. So again, Time will prove Ivanka, one way or Another. I do Not back up each Policy of Trump’s. It’s not realistic. But I Do take One Issue at a time and will give it alittle more time before I decide whether Ivanka is a detriment, or an asset

  14. wow isnt is a nice change to have someone that make be totaly savy with politics but u can tell she is very smart and honest which has non existent is the white for quite a while . i feel she is a honest person who will do fine .the corrupt criminals that are being thrown out of dc of course are going to complain .

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